Combat Arms

A free to play multiplayer first-person shooter video game

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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    7.6 (289)

Combat Arms offers players a fast-paced first-person shooter that can run on nearly any system, requires limited bandwidth, and has all the basic features fans have come to expect of this genre over the years.

Countless games in the past decade have run on similar or identical combat engines as the original Counter-Strike. This is why almost every CS clone produced is typically compared to this title, and most are going to be found lacking in at least some areas. For fans of this genre, they will be glad to hear that Combat Arms not only matches the original Counter-Strike in terms of balance and mechanics. Rather, it also does so in a package that can run on almost any PC and with limited Internet speeds.

This game was designed for those ready to hop into exceptionally competitive game styles and test their mettle against other dedicated gamers. Currently, there are more than nine different types of matches and more than 18 maps, but these are altered and added to at a relatively frequent rate. Players are going to immediately notice many of the basics of any other FPS including free-for-all, elimination, team elimination, capture the flag and other familiar options. The controls can be altered to meet the preferences of each individual player with customizable mouse and keyboard macros.

Once in an actual match, the primary difference between Combat Arms and Counter-Strike comes down to the currency system. Various events throughout a match, such as killing an enemy player, will add currency to the player or team. This currency can then be used to buy upgrades with a unique economy in and out of the game. While this helps veteran players gain an edge right away, it also means that those just starting out with the game are going to be at a mechanical disadvantage. Thus, beginners will feel outplayed in most games while they are getting used to overall tempo. This, coupled with to the fact that the starter gun and combat kit is exceptionally weak, casual gamers may lose interest if they are looking for easy kills and a positive winning ratio.

Anyone who enjoys highly competitive first-person shooters will probably be able to kill some time in Combat Arms. The unique nature of the ranking system, purchasing weaponry and acquiring currency adds an extra level of depth that many will enjoy but others may shy away from.


  • Easy-to-grasp controls and gameplay
  • Well-balanced maps
  • A wide variety of gun and gear upgrades


  • Stark contrast between new and veteran players
  • Out-of-game purchases can be unbalancing
  • Limited changes to graphics, sounds and design

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